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Dear Venice Canals, I’ve fallen in Love…

Posted in My LA by juliehan on February 12, 2012
Before I write any further about my love affairs with discovering Los Angeles’ secret hidden gems,  
I promise myself that I will try to maintain this blog as much as possible… just for the sake of reflection and documentation. (fingers crossed).
Now, back to my love affair.
I’ve lived in Los Angeles since fall of 2005 and I can’t believe I’ve never been to the Venice Canals!
This place is truly magical.
As soon as you step into the area, you feel like you’re completely in a different world.
Time stands still as you walk along the canals, mesmerized by the BEAUTIFUL homes, canoes, bridges, ducks, pretty much EVERYTHING.
This place is by far one of the most breathtaking spots the city has to offer.
Absolutely stunning, romantic,  and inspiring ❤



This is how close I will get to TRON.

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What is it that I wish to convey? I wish to convey the stream of which Fichte speaks. I wish to convey something immaterial and I have to use material means for it. I have to convey something which is inexpressible and I have to use expression. I have to convey, perhaps, something unconscious and I have to use conscious means. I know in advance that I shall not succeed and cannot succeed, and therefor all I can do is to get nearer and nearer in some asymptotic approach; I do my best, but it is an agonising struggle in which if I am an artist, or indeed for the German romantics any kind of self-conscious thinker, I am engaged for the whole life.

From Isaiah Berlin’s  “The Roots of Romanticism”

all i see is mustache

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inside out & outside in

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Let’s bring everything in, then let’s bring everything out. 

You are so vague!

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A List of all the fortunes i kept in my wallet 

  • You will soon bring joy to someone. 03 25 36 39 41, 18
  • I can resist everything except temptation. 5 12 11 27 31 40
  • you will be successful in your career. Receipt (shouju) Lucky numbers 2, 10,15, 31, 44, 50
  • You are not one to make quick, rash decisions. 15 29 33 40 44 7
  • Keep up the good work. You soon will be rewarded financiallyy. 2 9 13 17 33 49
  • You will journey to pleasant places. 9 10 19 23 35 41
  • Stick to those practice you know to be safe or proper. 6 14 17 22 35 47
  • You shall soon make a long, overdue personal decision. 8 11 16 21 30 40
  • You will inherit a large sum of money. 05 14 21 26 38, 17
  • This year your highest priority will be your family. 3 15 24 40 41 45
  • You are original and creative. 9 10 11 23 34 35
  • You find beauty in ordinary thing. Do not lose the ability. 2 10 22 38 41 53


….crossing my fingers, lets hope these “fortunes” come true!  




in the city

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I just figured out how to type in color.

Hello, from sf =)

 It’s an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco. It must be a delightful city and possess all the attractions of the next world.

– Oscar Wilde





















pencil set $10. make a point. note worthy. get the lead out. do the write thing. i like you but i’m too shy to tell you…

Nature never looked so good :)

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Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park SF. 

Sometimes, you forget how good oxygen feels in your lungs. Lose yourself in nature, that is truly the best therapy the universe has to offer : )




words words words. word.

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Peeping Tom. (work in progress)

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First grid layout.  

ill see where this goes : )